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What We Do

GlassLab creates and enables commercial quality, high-impact digital learning games for young people by bringing together leaders in commercial games and experts in learning and assessment.


Innovative learning games that dramatically improve learning outcomes.


Advances game design and demonstrates the impact of games on learning.


The ultimate destination for implementing digital games in the classroom.

Game Services

Partner with us to develop the next generation of learning and assessment games.

Our Impact

Statistically Significant Learning Improvement: Students who play SimCityEDU are better prepared for college and career readiness demonstrated by a statistically significant improvement in problem solving and systems thinking.

Our Impact

Broad-scale Distribution: Our games are implemented in hundreds of schools and homes across the country.

Our Impact

Unprecedented Learning Insights: GlassLab games have captured over 6.1M learning events and provided educators and students rich visibility into learning in real-time.

Our Impact

Recent research from SRI indicates: Students in digital game conditions will outperform students in non-game conditions in terms of learning outcomes by over 12%.
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